OCD Jeans

The OCD Denim Collection begins with 100% vintage denim. Each pair is carefully selected and tested to insure fit and cut, and from there the design begins. All of our jeans are hand-distressed, a process taking approximately one hour per pair. Our jeans are then sent through a cold wash cycle, reducing up to 90% of water expenditure in comparison to hot-water washing.  Finally, each pair of jeans receives a unique serial code printed on surplus suede and hand-stitched. 

OCD Marble Denim

Our marbled denim pieces begin as curated vintage denim, cold-washed and air-dried. Each piece is then hand-drawn with our signature marble print, a full-length sleeve jacket taking up to six hours of design time.



Vintage Vault

What's even better than trendy? Pieces with a past life; we pass on the chance to give them a new one. The vintage vault is a goldmine of eclecticism. There is no import system, middle man, or consignment: independent, small-scale vertical integration means each piece is chosen by hand. Offering a selection of everything from pearl jewelry, to belts, to a beaded gown, all vintage stock is then carefully maintained for quality, condition, and the eccentric qualities that make you look twice. 

Ethics: Yours & Ours

Body Ethics.

We are committed to ethical practices and presentation of body types. All of our photos are un-retouched. After all, all you really need is the right lighting! 

About the environment. 

Shopping vintage largely reduces our carbon footprint, unnecessary water expenditures, and landfill waste accumulation. But the environment isn't only forests and landfills. Think about the environment in the context of yourself. Imagine yourself at the mall; it's crowded, the line's long, you've grown impatient but not nearly as impatient as the woman behind you. She's starting to push forward, the hanger she's holding jabbing into your back. What's worse, she's holding the same dress as you. And so is that girl at the register. Don't settle for uniformity. This isn't private school. Skip the stressful, mechanical environment of consumerism; not only should you feel good about what you're buying, you should feel good about the whole damn experience.

Shopping vintage: who are you supporting? 

The one-of-a-kind pieces in the vintage vault, the hand-distressed denim, the concho hats: all these pieces start somewhere. Our independent import model supports underprivileged women and abuse victims: by using a hand selection process in local venues, it becomes much more feasible to identify exactly where, and to whom, input costs go. Not only is it important to consider the implications of the environment, but it is as crucial to consider how even base costs can be beneficial towards somebody else.

Stop worshipping the tag.

Here's a weird thought: think about an undesirable piece of clothing, now think about your favorite clothing label. What if this piece of repulsive clothing bore the label of your favorite brand? Would that change your opinion on said piece? If so, here's where you've fallen into the pit of commercialism. The OC Shop believes foremost in the quality, and the style of the pieces we sell. Every purchase you make should go towards something that you can wear over and over again, and something that you'll want to wear over and over again. This isn't fast fashion: this is sustainable style.